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Have you written a children's book and you are looking for an illustrator? Then you probably are in the right place. Before anything please take a look at my website and see if my style fits your needs. if it does, then let’s chat about you book!

Based on my style and my experience, I usually charge around 100 to 150 per illustration and I spend 3-6 month illustrating depending on length and detail needed. Nevertheless to get you a more accurate quote, you can send me your manuscript to luzbr86@gmail.com. I will review it and build a quote + timeline proposal custom to your book’s needs. This proposal has no charge. Once you agree with everything then I will reserve your slot in my schedule by signing a contract and issuing a 25% down-payment.

After all this has been decided and agreed then the best part of the children's book process starts!


I would need to know a few things about your book:

  • Book page size​ (A4, A5, 8x8 inches, ...)

  • Number of illustrations​ and the type (spot, quarter, half page, …)

  • Type of cover​ (front cover or cover wrap)


  • Sketches of characters (if needed): I will draw a few sketches of each character and send them for approval.

  • Sketch of each illustration: I will raughly draw every illustration and send them for approval.

  • Coloring process: Once everything is approved I will refine the sketches and start coloring.

Let's have fun and create something beautiful together!

Luz barros Freelance Illustrator





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